Friday, March 13, 2015

of all the words of mice and men....

I see a lot of different people gathering daily in our local coffee shop. There are the people visiting with friends, smiles on their faces, laughing, sharing, enjoying themselves. Sometimes they have kids on their laps, sometimes they're sharing photos, showing off a finished handmade piece or excitedly talking about an upcoming vacation or visit with family. There are readers and writers. There are people listening to music on their headphones, feet tapping and heads bobbing.

Then there are the dressed-to-impress business people. They're earnest, frowny, driven. Their conversations and routines point to their definition of success. Their apparent self-worth depends upon making it to the top, fitting into the "right" group and impressing others with their fancy cars, expensive watches, and big homes. It's all they talk about. Their minds are churning and they hold onto tightly wound daily routines that barely leave room to breathe. They're always working, it's just the venues that change. They spend their lives networking, building portfolios, growing their bank accounts, and amassing the latest stuff. But are they happy? It sure doesn't appear so. Enough is never enough. They talk about their super vigorous exercise regimens, their highly controlled diets, and their latest purchases. They're tired and hurried. Are they ever satisfied?

Are you making time for you? Do you spend time doing those things that move you? Do you spend your time well, in ways that refresh you and motivate you? Do you make time to follow your passions and to get lost in your hobbies? My Dad used to repeat this Kurt Vonnegut quote to us: "Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, "It might have been."  Sure, we all have things we must do, responsibilities and commitments, but life should be about much more than chasing the money. You have a choice to design a life for yourself, filled with friends and family, doing the things you love to do. There is great joy to be found in achievement, in time, in creative process, in participating in those activities that lift up you and your loved ones, in doing significant work that matters. Make sure to do those things that move you, that make you smile. Make sure that you are truly spending your time well. How sad it would be to one day look back and have to rue "what might have been."  

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