Friday, February 8, 2013

changing your perspective

For me, one of the best things about a vacation is that sudden energy I get on the drive home, the pull to make a change in my life, my home, my routine.  It doesn’t have to be an extended get-a-way that brings on this creative urge.  A day trip, a visit to a museum, a walk in the woods, even exploring a great new restaurant or going to hear live music all can lead to a desire for some kind of renewal.  It’s all in changing my perspective.

Now, some people can achieve a change in perspective through quiet meditation, but you don’t have to be as agile (or as brave) as this guy in order to see things differently.

It can be as easy as this:  just look UP!

The advantage of having a camera with you is that you can use your zoom to see what many other street-level people cannot.  Look what I found at the very top of this beautiful old building.  On this particular day I decided I was going to look up for my shots and was rewarded with this find.  I bet hundreds of people walk by this nine-story building every day and don’t even know that this beautiful stonework is above them.

“Somewhere there's music - How near, how far

Somewhere there's heaven - Its where you are

The darkest night would shine  - If you would come to me soon

Until you will, how still my heart - How high the moon”  
(Nancy Hamilton/Morgan Lewis)

So decide that one day soon, you’ll give yourself time to change your perspective.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot and you don’t have to go far.  “It’s where you are.”

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