Monday, February 18, 2013

a beautiful snowfall

We had a beautiful snowfall on Sunday.  Thick fluffy flakes that began at first light and continued on until long past dark.  The ground was still warm from our unseasonably warm week so the snow did not accumulate once it hit the ground, but the show that Mother Nature gave us all day long was magnificent.

The pine needles transformed into a winter-time fireworks display!

Last fall’s weeds because encrusted with “diamonds”...

...and I was suddenly glad that we never got around to finishing our yard work.

The snow set a backdrop that made even ordinary yard plantings a thing of beauty.

So many birds were making a joyous noise.  I realized that I was hearing a conversation from one side of the yard to the other between a female Towhee... 

...and her mate.

I came upon this peaceful sight and took a moment to enjoy the quiet.

Every view was transformed into a beautiful painting for everyone that slowed down enough to take in the view.  The whole day was a rare gift.

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