Monday, October 20, 2014

hillsborough's handmade parade

Each October, the Hillsborough Arts Council, along with the Town of Hillsborough and the Orange County Arts Council, puts on a glorious Handmade Parade. The aim is to foster community involvement in the arts and to help people gain confidence in their own creative abilities. They invite all comers to work directly with local artists during several workshops ahead of time, but participants can also choose to create their own costume or giant puppet on their own.
Everyone in invited to participate in the parade and groups are also encouraged to join in. The only stipulations are that the costumes must be homemade. Logos, political and religious beliefs are prohibited, no written word or motorized vehicles (except motorized wheelchairs). 
It's a fabulous way to spend a beautiful autumn afternoon! 
This little boy and his dinosaur need a nap before the parade arrives!

Here they come!


Several area drum groups add rhythm and lots of excitement!

The Bulltown Strutters add New Orleans style fun!

This little "bluebird" danced wildly along the parade route.

At the end of the parade, the crowd joins in...

...and climbs the hill to the Burwell School lawn, where even more fun ensues. (next post) For more information on the Handmade Parade, including lots of resources for your own costuming, click here!

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