Monday, May 20, 2013

our living, growing family tree

It occurred to me as we were driving home in the pouring rain last night, that in this one weekend we'd visited with the very youngest and very oldest members of our family and how amazing both visits were. I got to hold my tiny great-niece when she was just 5 hours old, rock her and hum to her as she stretched out her new muscles and cooed quietly.

I thought about the large, diverse, creative, complicated, loving, wonderful family she’s just been born into and just how very lucky this little girl is. She has so many wonderful times ahead of her and so many people that just can’t wait to meet her.  I thought too about the people who are no longer with us and who won’t  get the opportunity to meet her, but they are a part of her and she of them, none-the-less.
We also had a nice long visit with my 92 year old father-in-law, listened to his memories of military service during WWII, of his decision to leave an early career at sea, of the trials and tribulations of his working life, of the birth of his children and of his own youth.  He patiently answered questions, filling in the blanks in the story of his life for us. He easily pulled up these memories and was eager to share as we asked for details and more tales, but we also held our breath a little bit as he struggled to rise from his chair and steady himself before we made our way to the dining room for brunch.  Such a long, full life he’s had and he generously continues to give the gift of his stories, wisdom and guidance to us.
It was a great weekend and we are fortunate indeed to have such depth in our living, growing family tree.


Tracy Altieri said...

It seems that family events often bring us both ends of the spectrum - lovely.

Debbie said...

I so enjoyed this beautifully written entry and your lovely images!!

Precious family time!!

Anonymous said...

you wrote so well about the beginning and end-side of life.