Friday, May 3, 2013

are you gentle with yourself?

In times of seemingly overwhelming stress, on that day when you are feeling so vulnerable or out of sorts, when you are haunted by a poor choice made long ago, or are in the throes of having to make a really difficult decision….are you gentle with yourself?
When the hurtful words and actions of others in your past come flooding back and you just can’t quiet those ghosts….are you gentle with yourself?
When you feel like the world is rushing around you and you’re struggling not to be swept away with it…..are you gentle with yourself?
Or maybe this is one of those days when you are feeling a deep sadness at the loss of a loved one…on days such as these, more than anything else, you need to find your safe place to land, find a way to demand a little less of yourself, soften the critical voices inside your head….and be gentle with yourself.

1 comment:

jgy said...

Yes, I am learning to be!
Always beautiful to see your reminders through inspiring words and photos!!