Wednesday, July 10, 2013

daphne fragrance garden

Tucked away in a far corner of Burlington’s City Park is a little known bit of tranquility called The Daphne Fragrance Garden. Given to the city in memory of her seeing-eye dog, Pat Yarborough wanted to gift a space designed for the visually impaired but it’s definitely a gift given to us all. The first time I visited the garden after it first opened in 2009, I didn’t fully appreciate what this spot would develop into.  Today I see that the plantings have all matured and the garden itself has expanded a bit. Pass through vine covered trellises and you’ll find nestled here and there, little benches where visitors can sit and enjoy the amazing scents. It’s quiet enough that it’s pretty hard to miss the buzzing of all the bumble bees hurrying from bloom to bloom and though silent, there are also butterflies of all colors flitting throughout the garden. This is a tiny little get-away, but if you are looking for a quiet space where you can sit and relax for a bit then here’s a nice spot for you.

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beth said...

simpatico we are....bees and coneflowers :)