Monday, February 17, 2014


As soon as we were able, we turned the car around and headed back to the field we’d just zoomed past. It was a bit of a trick because there were so many cars traveling on the road with us. We pulled up onto the soft shoulder and I stepped out of the car and walked through the knee-high brown grasses to the fence. Getting my camera ready, it suddenly got very quiet. The steady stream of cars had disappeared.

There was a moment where we connected. Two beautiful chestnuts lifted their heads and in unison they stopped still, looking at me as if to read my intentions. I found myself trying to breathe quietly and stay still. We looked each other in the eyes. I steadied my camera, lightly clicked the shutter button and exhaled. The horses lowered their heads and went back to their slow grazing.

Cars started appearing over the hill, whizzing past behind my back, I took a few more shots and the moment was gone.


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful and stand out so brightly against the grass.

What I wouldn't do to go for a good long ride! ;-)

Tracy Altieri said...

Photo karma!

Anonymous said...

They are so handsome! My husband too is pretty good about turning around on a moment's notice for a blog-worthy picture! I'm glad yours is too!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh pretty pic!

A Place to Reside said...

Good for you! I'm terrible about pursuing those perfect moments, instead letting them get swept away in the bustle. What a beautiful moment and photo!