Friday, February 7, 2014

the kinks, andy warhol, bill gates...and you

I’ve been privy to a couple of conversations recently, creative people that are trying to get noticed, crafters seeking success on their Etsy page, musicians yearning for an invite to the big summer festival. Right now, at the table next to me, two discouraged ministers are lamenting the downward direction their congregations are taking. Nearby, a couple of businesspeople are stressing because profits weren’t what they were expecting this past year and competition in their area is tough. The crafters are ready to shut down their on-line shop and the musicians, well they’re really discouraged.

Frankly, often times the difference between the successful person and the one that will never make it is this: the successful person just never gave up. They toughed out the hard times, stretched beyond their comfort zone and they worked really hard. It most cases, it has little to do with the quality of the product. It has to do with putting in the work, maintaining the psychological edge and having a lot of determination.

The others? As soon as the level of effort required increased, the commitment needed to be made, a new social media website needed to be conquered or a new skill learned… they gave up. That band will never make it out of the living room, that artist will never reach the audience he desires and that entrepreneur will never see her business grow.

Do you see yourself in one of these scenarios? If you’re frustrated, struggling and ready to give up on your dream…don’t. Take some time to really think about, dream about the success that you seek. Really picture it in your mind. Feel it, hear it, smell it, really dive deep into that vision. Think about mistakes you’ve made. What can you learn from them? Well take that lesson, dust yourself off and try another way. Making mistakes is how you learn and how you move forward! Talk to other people in your field as well as people in other areas. Networking allows you the opportunity to learn from people who are living the dream and it gives you the opportunity to help someone else along on their own journey. Relax, work hard, continue to learn new material and new techniques. Learn the rules and then learn how to break them. Breaking the rules, pushing the limits, getting dirty and making a mess, stepping out of your comfort zone and working hard, that’s how you’re going to make it happen for you. Don’t give up!


Debbie said...

what a wonderful entry!! i always told my boys "you miss 100% of the chances you never take"!!

Charlotte Edens said...

Loved this Bev and you spoke to exactly where I was this morning. My persistency is needed for me to reach a smaller goal. I have been trying to do a certain yoga pose for a very long time. I know if I don't give up I can do it, because I didn't give up on headstand and now it's in my practice. I'd let go of this dream for quite some time. BUT, this morning I was in bed with my eyes closed visualizing me actively going through all the movements to arrive there. I have "seen it" and I am not letting it go this time. I am going to keep nurturing and working on this dream. I'm confident that in a very short time I will realize my goal. Sometimes we have to start with our small goals and dreams. But, we have to always remember to NOT let go, afterall "Life is BUT a dream"! :o)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

It's been tough times for a lot of folks lately. Hopefully better times are around the bend.

Tracy Altieri said...

Your words are so true Bev. I have a dear friend who harbored dreams of becoming a full-time artisan, while she worked her day-to-day job. It's not that she was unhappy with her day-job, but she knew it did not bring her life in the same way that her art did. Last year she made the bold move to full-time artisan - you can see the "life" in her every step now!

Rambling Woods said...

Very true...before my Mother died in the fall of 2012, she made me promise that I would keep up with my creative projects even if I didn't think they were very good....I have.. Michelle