Monday, February 10, 2014

treasure huntin'

We had a lot of fun antiquing/thrifting/junkin' this weekend.
Treasures everywhere and something for everyone!
Pretty ladies trying on fancy hats.

Kitchen implements galore! Some were kind of a mystery.

My goodness...look at all the shiny baubles!
Like a moth to a flame...


"He used antlers in all of his decorating..." (now I'll have the song stuck in my head all day)

Beatles behind glass, of course.

Love seeing that some of these old players are still around.

So sweet! Better than an expression of love from Ninja Turtles, any day!

Kind of toasted, but look at the workmanship! It's a work of art.

Now if I only had a camel!

Some small child once loved this a lot. Rusty gold!


Quinn said...

Hi Bev - thanks for leaving your comment on Comptonia! I hope your snowy-day baking and soup-making is going well.
I'm a thrifter too, and that wall of kitchen tools would have held my interest for a good long time! Wow :)

Tracy Altieri said...

What great fun! What a great way to spend your day!

Delighted Hands said...

What a great shop! I would have left with a bottle....they get me every time!

Storybook Woods said...

Ohh some great finds. What a fun way to spend the weekend! Clarice

Rambling Woods said...

wow..a record player....Michelle

Linda Jo said...

My kind of place!