Tuesday, February 18, 2014

tunes on tuesday 2-18: david crosby, seth walker, the turtles, cinemacinco, plant & kraus

Tunes on Tuesday is a fun new project. Each week I'll try to bring you five videos or audio files, each one focusing on a song, group or collaboration that just might pique your interest! If you have someone for possible spotlight then shoot me a private e-mail and we'll give it a listen. Hope you enjoy Tunes on Tuesday! 

NOTE: All videos may be expanded to full screen. Hit play then click on the icon at lower right.


Releasing his first solo album in 20 years, David Crosby is gifting us with 11 new original songs. "Croz" is co-produced by his son, James Raymond, who also performs on the album, as does Mark Knopfler, Leland Sklar and Wynton Marsalis.


Seth Walker is a North Carolina native and part of a very musical family He moved to Austin, Texas in his 20's and has been writing, performing and recording ever since. Seth has an amazing bluesy style that you're going to love. Find out more about Seth and hear lots more music at sethwalker.com.


The Turtles biggest and best known hit is "Happy Together", released in 1967. The song reached #1 status on Billboard's Top Ten list and stayed there for 3 weeks, knocking The Beatles "Penny Lane" off of that spot.


Cinemacinco is a contemporary Columbian Folk band that came to the US to perform at the 2013 SXSW Festival. You gotta love their smooth harmonies!



Two very different musical worlds collided when Robert Plant and Alison Kraus decided to join forces. They recorded a mixture of songs from each of them, with the other providing harmonies that surprised us with their wonderful fit. Here's one from Alison with Robert doing harmony...

 (HT to Donna for suggesting this song)

...and here is one of Robert's with Alison joining in.

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Tracy Altieri said...

I love all the music your are bringing our way. Some new, some old friends! Keep it coming!

Beth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment Bev! I like your choice of music.
I have been looking for your followers list so I could follow but I cam't see it anywhere.


Debbie said...

so fun to listen to new tunes!! i am stuck (just a lil) in the 70's and 80's.

amazing what david crosby can do at his age!!

It's Just Dottie said...

So fun! I enjoyed the songs very much. I will listen to them a few more times this week,
Smiles, Dottie