Friday, November 14, 2014

it's not too late!

This is my birthday weekend (yes I intend to play, have fun, and celebrate for the whole weekend – not just the day!) At this stage of life, some friends are slowing down but others are just getting going. The go-getters have realized something important: It’s Not Too Late! They’re starting new businesses, recording their first cd's, actively imagining their dream homes, seeking out new friends, learning a new skill, writing, singing, creating, traveling, adventuring, connecting. We don’t need to wait until New Year’s Day to reset our focus and make resolutions. A birthday is the perfect time to reaffirm that it’s not too late to become a better version of yourself, to build something more in your life, to remember that person that you’ve always wanted to be, and to adjust your course.  Your past circumstances, the negative noises and criticisms from others, hard times, debt, aches and pains, disappointments and rejections,…you can choose to overcome, to drown those things out, to become a better version of who you are,  to continue to create a better version of your life.  It’s not too late to begin again!


S. Etole said...

I wish you the very happiest of birthdays.

Tracy Altieri said...

Inspiring words! Happy birthday Bev!

Mary Lou said...

Happy Birthday Bev!!