Friday, November 21, 2014

allow your dreams to overwhelm your fears

I’m fully aware that sometimes I am my own worst enemy. I daydream scenarios in my head, envisioning future events that aren’t actually based in reality – well, because they haven’t happened yet!  I run through internal conversations with people (usually naysayers) that don’t end well.  I imagine putting myself out there and having it end badly.  My mind seems to be running on autopilot when this is going on and I have to “wake-up” and realize that I’m sabotaging myself.  Yes, I’m creating big challenges and building impossible walls - all in my mind.  I’m learning to catch myself when I’m in this trap. Worrying about some future event isn’t going to help and it’s really, really not going to get me where I want to go.  It’s all about fear. When I realize what’s going on, I tell myself “Stop!”

To get where we want to go in life, to achieve the outcome or results we’re looking for, we have to jump in, to push ourselves. We need to imagine great results and success. We have to be brave, face the hurdles that our fears have created and push forward towards our dreams and good outcomes. We have to do what we’re afraid to do. We need to pay attention to our internal conversations, visualize positive outcomes and decide that what we want is indeed possible. Dream it and then do it. If people around you are not supportive then surround yourself with people that are rooting for you.
Did you jump in, give it a try, push yourself and it didn’t quite work? That’s ok. You’re moving in the right direction and at the very least, you've learned something. Take a breath, give it a rest and then start again.  Pay attention to the messages you’re telling yourself and allow your dreams to overwhelm your fears.    


live and learn said...

It's incredible all of the negative internal dialog that most of us have.
Recognizing it is the first step.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

A thinking post. I like that!

And your photo is simply beautiful.