Monday, November 17, 2014

a walk in white cross woods

Yesterday was chilly but the air was fresh and still so we took a walk in White Cross woods. There's some history in these woods, old trails and interesting artifacts left behind by people who were there a long time ago. An abandoned blind high up in a tree, old bottles and fire pits, and most curious of all - the cast iron guts of a baby grand piano, rusty strings and all. Did someone haul a baby grand deep into the woods to create music under the trees?
I considered leaving the camera behind since it was so overcast, but despite the lack of light and shadow, the sky was a pretty great backdrop to these towering trees.

Really interesting rocks jut high up from the ground in what is otherwise a rolling yet boulder free area. At the creek, water-worn rock formations fill the creek bed, allowing hikers to hop around. A great line of immense rock defines the far wall.

If only these woods could tell us the stories of all they've seen. Sissipahaw Indians, users of the old horse trail, hikers, partiers and apparently a pianist have all enjoyed this place.
Now we do too.

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