Wednesday, November 19, 2014

corner view: one song

Corner View is a weekly appointment - each Wednesday - created by Jane (Spain) and curated by Francesca (Italy), where bloggers from all corners of the world share their view on a pre-arranged theme.  The theme this week is "one book" and comes from Ibabe (Basque Country).

Posting on last week's theme "one book" was tough, but coming up with "one song" was even harder! I have so many favorites and so many memories embedded in them. My leanings change depending on the season, my mood, the occasion, etc. So what "one song" could I share on Corner View? Then I happened upon the tune appropriately named One Song, written by Frank Churchill. If you've ever seen the 1937 Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, then you've heard this song. Prince Charming sings this song to Snow White during their first meeting at the wishing well, she later quietly hums the tune to herself and then in the big dramatic kiss scene, Prince Charming sings it to her again. Interesting trivia: to this day, this is the only song sung solo by a Disney Prince in a Disney Princess movie. 

One Song
I have but one song
One song
Only for you

One heart
Tenderly beating
Ever entreating
Constant and true

One love
That has possessed me
One love
Thrilling me through

One song
My heart keeps singing
Of one love
Only for you

photo credit: Disney Studios


likeschocolate said...

Yes, I agree it is so hard to just pick one song ! I didn't know that was the title of the song from snow white. It has been a while since I have seen the movie and the girls are still a little too little for the movie. Have a great week!

Bonnie said...

that is very interesting trivia! and a wonderful song! i remember it well!

Susi-Art said...

love the words of this song and i also love the "old" Disney movies!! thanks!!

Heather said...

I have seen that, but I don't want to admit how long ago that was! :-)

jgy said...

Really fun choice!! And perfect image of Snow White singing to her sweet bird. We don`t even need to hear it playing and can feel the music from her heart:))♡
I also found it hard to pick one song. Every song really does have a story doesn`t it!

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

these trivia! i like them even better than the song almost...! i wouldn't mind seeing that movie again, as a grown woman now... :))) n♥

Francesca said...

very interesting trivia! now i have to watch all of the disney movies to make sure ... :)