Friday, February 6, 2015

magic happens

Magic occurs when time ceases to exist. For me, as a member of a band, a piece of the mix that melds instruments and voices, rhythm and movement, harmonies and memories, into an experience to be shared...we set the stage for magic to happen. For us, the enchantment does happen when harmonies swirl around the room, bouncing off walls, reverberating back to us. And for a time, we are transported.

And magic happens when we look out into the darkened room and we see someone listening to a slow, sweet song, their eyes closed, face relaxed and smiling. And magic happens when, during a vigorously dynamic song, with steady, driving rhythm and closely knit vocals, we look out and see dancers lost in the moment. Animated, arms swinging and feet swiftly moving, there's a look: eyes seeing but not seeing, movements made easily and perfectly in sync with the music...that's magic too. Time ceases to exist for them and for us too. It's the perfect moment and one that we're always chasing. Enveloped in this moment, there is no desire for something more, nothing more than what this perfect moment has to offer. Time ceases to exist...and it's magic.


:) said...

Magic happens and exists!! :)

Anonymous said...

Music has the power to make magic!