Tuesday, April 8, 2014

tunes on tuesday 4-8: the head and the heart, big ron hunter, the hollies, yann tiersen, johnny cash

Tunes on Tuesday is a fun project. Each week I'll try to bring you five videos or audio files, each one focusing on a song, group or collaboration that just might pique your interest! If you have someone for possible spotlight then shoot me a private e-mail and we'll give it a listen. Hope you enjoy Tunes on Tuesday! 

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The Head and the Heart is a group from Seattle and here is Shake from their second album, Let’s Be Still which was released in the end of 2013.  According to band member Josiah Johnson,  the story behind the name of the band is that "your head is telling you to be stable and find a good job, you know in your heart that this [the band] is what you're supposed to do even if it's crazy." 


Big Ron Hunter is the son of an NC sharecropper who taught the young Ron how to play the guitar. Like many musicians, Ron developed his sound all while raising a family and working a day job. Big Ron is one of the fabulous Music Maker Relief artists, a group that works to support elderly, often empoverished American Roots musicians and to preserve their sound before it disappears. My band and I (Graymatter) had the fantastic opportunity to open for Big Ron Hunter last summer at a club in Hillsborough and we thoroughly enjoyed playing for him as his sat, clapping and singing along at a front row table. Here is Big Ron performing his song, Goin' For Myself.


Recorded at Abbey Road studios and released in 1967, On a Carousel was the second single that came to us from The Hollies. The group was formed by elementary school pals, Alan Clarke and Graham Nash who began playing together in the 1950's. They came up with the name for their band just before beginning a gig in honor of one of their idols, Buddy Holly. On a Carousel hit #4 in the singles charts in the UK and #11 in the US.


Yann Tiersen is a French singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who is probably best known in this country as the composer of the soundtrack for the movie Amélie, which was actually a collection of songs pulled from his first four albums and just one of several movie soundtracks to his credit. Yann has released 8 studio albums, 3 live albums and several EP and shorter length recordings. He also does a lot of collaborating and guesting with other artists on their own albums. Here is a live video/recording of Yann and his band performing Le Banquet.


One of the last recordings we have from Johnny Cash is a Nine Inch Nails song, written by Trent Reznor, entitled Hurt. This video, which won Best Video of The Year at the Grammys and the CMA's, features images of Cash's life and appearances by his wife, June Carter Cash. Even if you're not a fan, the performance is so emotional that it will give you goosebumps and probably make you a little teary too. Johnny was definitely expanding his musical vision when he released this single with the B-side Personal Jesus, a Depeche Mode cover.

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Tracy Altieri said...

Love them all, but Johnny Cash holds my heart.

floating thru fields said...

I've heard of hand and the heart before, and I love Yann's music on the Amelie soundtrack and Johnny Cash's cover of the NIN song is amazingly haunting