Tuesday, April 15, 2014

tunes on tuesday 4-15: the war on drugs, mandolin orange, the kinks, shooglenifty, devil in a woodpile

Tunes on Tuesday is a fun project. Each week I'll try to bring you five videos or audio files, each one focusing on a song, group or collaboration that just might pique your interest! If you have someone for possible spotlight then shoot me a private e-mail and we'll give it a listen. Hope you enjoy Tunes on Tuesday! 

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The War on Drugs, Lost in a Dream, from their album of the same name, released in March of this year. An indie-rock band from Philly, their music seems to have a heavy Dylan/Springsteen influence though loaded with effects and dream-like ambience.  This is War on Drugs' 3rd album release.


Another fun group to come out of Chapel Hill, NC is Mandolin Orange. A sweet mix of bluegrass, gospel, folk, pop and whatever else inspires, this Americana duo is quickly growing in popularity and traveling to play for audiences farther afield, always with great reviews. Here they perform Turtle Dove and the Crow off their 3rd album, which was just recently released. To find out where they'll be next, check out their website at www.mandolinorange.com.


A Well Respected Man was released on 45 rpm in the US in 1965. Written by Ray Davies for his band The Kinks, it was a reaction to the band's perception of the upper-class guests at the luxury hotel where they were staying and the song became a sort of an anthem for the class frustrations going on in England at that time. It reached #13 on the US charts. The Kinks (original 4 members) were inducted into the US Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2005 and also into the UK Music Hall of Fame in that same year.  


Shooglenifty is a six member band from Edinburgh, Scotland that played regularly at a local pub and now busily tours internationally. They describe their music as  "hypno-folkadelic ambitent traditional", and if you sit and listen to a selection of their songs you'll see why. There are traces of international music throughout but always with a Scottish backbone.  This really high-energy performance of Tammienorrie is infectious!


Devil in a Woodpile created a really upbeat, fun version of Led Zepplin's Bron-Y-Aur Stomp. Though this Chicago based group disbanded several years ago, they produced 3 albums of mainly jazz, blues and ragtime cover songs reimagined in their own funky style.

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