Friday, November 15, 2013

your inner guide

Deep down inside, we know what we know. We know our own values, we know what is important. We have a vision of what we want our life to look like and how we want to live it.  We seek connections that will bring into our lives the people that will support, encourage and hopefully even love us in our journey and maybe even inspire us to keep on.  This is our center. This is our inner compass.

Do you listen to your self-talk? What you say to yourself plays a big part in determining how you feel about your life, how you deal with situations and even how you feel about yourself. Your self-talk can give us courage to keep working at our dream, the life we want and it has the strength to defeat us, to make us want to give up.  If you’re having a tough time, that’s the most important time to check in with yourself. Are the voices of the naysayers, the bullies, the people that have done you harm…are their voices drowning out your own internal voice? You may not have even realized that they are there! Pay attention to that. Listen hard and work to kick those negative voices out of your head. Listen to your strong inner voice because living the life that you want depends a lot on what you are saying to yourself. Change what you are saying if you need to and you’ll find that you’ll change how you view your situation and you’ll ultimately change your life. You have a strong inner compass and a strong inner voice. Listen to yourself and trust yourself.

Today I celebrate one more “year around the sun” as my dear father-in-law likes to say. Today I’m spending time with people that I love the most and doing what I love the most.  I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten wiser. I’ve lost a lot and I’ve gained a lot…and today I celebrate.


Tracy Altieri said...

Happy birthday ( I think!) Those inner voices can indeed make us or break us. I try to strive to hear the positive ones.

Susan said...

Ah those inner voices. They can be so evil or helpful. We can convince ourselves that we aren't worth much, or we can convince ourselves that we are wonderful despite those pesky faults. Great post. Food for thought!