Monday, April 20, 2015

things worth sharing: 4/20/15

Some things I thought were worth sharing this morning. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!
1. Why we loved Gilbert Blythe. Your fans are in the "depths of despair." RIP Jonathan Crombie.  

2.  In her Grammy acceptance letter, Annie Clark gets real with her fans about what it took to become St Vincent. A refreshingly honest account of getting started in the music biz.

3.  On what food porn does to the brain. What's the psychological appeal?

4.  And now that the food porn link above has your attention, here are 5 amazing vegetarian main-dish salad recipes for summer. Yummy!

5. Quote:  "Media voices, politicians and others that create panic for a living need to own responsibility for the way their actions dramatically magnify the cost we all pay." ~ Seth Godin.

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