Monday, October 28, 2013

on hanging on

Sometimes life gets hard – sometimes just too hard. Everything feels too difficult. You’re feeling too alone in the world, like it’s you against the whole world, like you want to retreat from the world. There are too many obstacles to overcome. You feel uncomfortable in your own skin, disoriented, unable to see clearly. You may feel disappointed in people you trusted, saddened by loss, fearful of the future. You may even be experiencing physical pain. You feel like you’re just hanging on.
Now is when you need to look for the most basic, smallest thing to hang on to, to feel gratitude for, some tiny light. You need to know that your bad day is going to end – you just need to hang in. You’re going to be ok. This problem/situation is going to end. Each day, the sun rises and sets. Each moment, you take a new breath. You are stronger than you think you are in this moment. Whatever heartbreak you are experiencing now, difficulty, decision or roadblock, you are not alone. Everyone hits this wall at some point in their lives. Everyone has a story.

You can do this. In fact, you’re going to be stronger when you come out on the other side, maybe a little scarred, feeling a bit damaged, disillusioned, disappointed initially, but stronger and wiser. You will find joy again and living a life reinvented, better than before.

So let your mantra for today be: it’s going to be ok. I’m going to be ok.


Susan said...

The best advice in the whole world, "It's going to be okay"! I tell my kids that all the time. They look at me in disbelief and then a day or two later they say, you were right Mom. Oh how I love being right! :))

Tracy Altieri said...

My step-son has recently finished the most difficult year of his life - divorce, job loss, Hurricane Sandy. A year ago I told him that while it might not seem it, it would get better; he would come out the other side. Last night he called to say that he had a new and very promising job. Other things have also begun to turn the corner as well. It does happen, but it sometimes takes patience that seems almost impossible at the time.

live and learn said...

It may seem corny, but when I am having difficulties, I like to sing the song from Annie "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow." Good message, catchy tune, and distracts me a little while

v said...

thank you for the reminder!

v said...


reading this post and seeing this photo makes me think about these lines by Leonard Cohen

"There is a crack, a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in".