Friday, October 4, 2013

it's about the small moments

You have a dream. The big holiday is coming. The vacation you’ve worked so hard for is on the horizon.  You dream, you plan, you prepare, you save and you wait. You wait and your dream feels like it’s never going to get here. Then the big day arrives, the big moment you’ve been yearning for…..and then it’s passed. So now what?

It’s great to set goals, to enjoy a dream fulfilled, to prepare for the fabulous holiday or to reach a new plateau. The problem is that it’s so easy to feel a big let-down after the fact. The reality is that your aspirations should just be a step along your journey, not an end in itself. Your life is made up of all those small moments that led up to your target and all those small moments have the potential to be fabulous memories. Memories that you can make each day as you head on to your next big goal or dream. All those moments strung together – that’s what makes up your life. So the secret to lifelong happiness? Pay just as much attention to those day-to-day moments and all the steps to reach your goals. Focus on getting there rather than on being there.

Today, you can be happy and today there are small moments to celebrate. Your life is about the journey and your happiness lies in the small moments.  


Tracy Altieri said...

So lovely, and such a wonderful reminder to live in the moment - something I struggle to do.

S. Etole said...

They appear to be enjoying their moment. It's really all we have.

Debbie said...

so beautiful bev, i find the small moments ARE the big moments and the ones i enjoy the most!!

have a wonderful weekend!!

Susan said...

So, so true and well put!

Storybook Woods said...

Well said Bev. It really is in the small moments that makes a life, a happy life! Clarice