Friday, June 21, 2013

you are a flower, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise

"If you believe lies about yourself, you eventually make them your truth. Arm yourself with power and stay clear from those who bring you down. Don't let the cold in other people's heart freeze you. Don't let the negative you hear destroy your positive. Don't let the evil around pull the angel you are down. Within your soul lies your truth and it is beautiful." ~ Chizoma Cluff


Tracy Altieri said...

Your quote is very timely. Last night my small cooking group (4 of us in all) gathered, and as we chatted over dinner, our conversation wound up addressing the need to surround ourselves with people lift us up. We gave examples of how we each have steered ourselves away from relationships or situations that were bringing us unhappiness or stress. We were each thankful that we have managed to cultivate relationships that lovingly support us, and that we lovingly support in return.

:) said...

You're right :)