Thursday, June 27, 2013

rise up

Let’s face it, sometimes life gets too hard. You’re up against something tough that seems just impossible to overcome and it feels like you’re spiraling downward. Maybe it already feels like you’ve hit rock bottom.  Are you living your life on someone else’s terms?  Has fear or worry taken over?  Maybe illness or financial stresses are sucking the joy right out of your day. So now what?

Well, sometimes it’s about not fighting any longer but focusing on the future, on the journey ahead. Start by changing your mind.  What you focus on will tend to be what grows stronger in your life.  If you continue to think about the way you’ve been wronged, your tough financial situation, a bad relationship or whatever it is that has hold of your thoughts then that is what you’ll continue to get. If however you push yourself to focus on what your gifts are, have gratitude for even the smallest of things in your day, if you act “as if” you’ve already broken through the problem that’s been beating you down, then you’ll walk your way right into the results, the life that you want.

Kick the haters, doubters and bullies out of your mind. Kick the people who have done you wrong right out of your head along with all the negative ideas that they tried to saddle you with – kick them right out of there.  Banish the worries that have been taking over, causing you to lose sleep and impacting your day. Decide that you’re going to look ahead rather than staying mired where you are.
Rise up from where you are.  Change your mind and rise up.


Tracy Altieri said...

I have a friend who has successfully made "Fake it till you make." her life's mantra. She sets a wonderful example of forging ahead.

Unknown said...

Perfectly timed post... thank you :)

likeschocolate said...

Love this! So true!

jgy said...

Yes, and I love the `as if` philosophy!!
Thank you always for your inspirations, they are a treat to read and so `usable`!!  I rise up from reading your words!