Monday, June 27, 2016

a perfect intersection of art & nature

Saturday morning seemed a perfect time to enjoy a stroll around the grounds of the
NC Museum of Art in Raleigh. We explored the trails that wound their way through the
160 acres of woods, fields and streams that have been set aside 
for enormous outdoor art installations, classic movie nights and musical events.
The temperatures had dropped that morning, thankfully, so off we went to join other walkers, runners and cyclists who also took advantage of the break in the recent oppressive heat.
 Peeking through the cattails, I spied a Great Blue Heron on the far edge of the pond.
 Dave thoroughly enjoyed the art out here, don't you think?
At one point, a huge hawk swooped past us...
 ...zeroing in on some prize on the ground ahead. Such speed. Got it!

 This has to be the tiniest frog I've ever seen.
Notice the pine needle above it for scale. Perfect camouflage too!
Silvery tree installation reaching for a blue-grey sky. So pretty...
...but I think the birds prefer the real thing. I don't blame them!
More info on the NCMA can be found here.

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Red Rose Alley said...

Your pictures are not only filled with beauty, they are interesting and wonderful. That looks like an "eye" in the middle of the tree branches. It is my dream to see the red cardinal one day. We don't see them here where I live in California.