Tuesday, May 5, 2015

day at the nc museum of art, pt 2

Perfect way to spend a Sunday: wandering the art museum, hearing stories from the docents, looking at pretty, curious, and awesome art.

Rembrandt etching on copper plate

Rembrandt etching on copper plate

Dave challenging Rodin sculpture

Playing at creating my own Monet via my camera and captured garden reflection

Georgia O'keefe!

1st official portrait of King Louis XV of France, created to assure France & the rest of Europe that the 5 year old was up to the job. Three paintings exist, one hangs in Versailles, one in the Louvre, and this one in Raleigh, NC.



jgy said...

Lovely series, how the people and paintings interact, really brings them to life and great conversation between you the artist and the artists of the pictures...♡

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Great photos! We were in NYC about 2 years ago and I spent the day at the museums. Total Heaven for me!

Tracy Altieri said...

I do so love museums!