Friday, December 5, 2014

step by step, bit by bit, one to another

This has been a highly-charged, emotional newsweek. Court decisions were made that have angered and saddened people, divided communities, resulted in injury, property destruction and protests. People are lashing out because they’re frustrated – frustrated with “the system”, frustrated with each other and frustrated because they feel helpless. When the fight is just too big, the problem overwhelming, the conversation just too hard, the best thing we can do is to think small. We need to look at our own day, our own backyard, our own actions. We need to focus, every single day, on what we as individuals, are doing right, what we’re putting out into the world and what we’re contributing to our own community. The little bit of good that we can do today and every day all adds up. The little bit of good you do right where you are – put together with all the other bits of light – that’s how we create change. So focus on kindness. Kindness is catching. It’s viral. Kindness encourages, creates possibilities, gives strength and heals. The little bit of kindness that you show someone today can turn their day, week, and life around. A kind word, a gentle hug, a strong shoulder, a moment given and a willing ear, a door opened, a note left, a bit of food donated, there are so many little things you can do today.  It’s through kindness that we can make a very real and profound difference…we can change the world. Step by step, bit by bit, one to another.


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

-sigh- Especially when the news is full of anger, we need to try to spread some gentleness, close to home.

Tracy Altieri said...

Such wise words in the storm. It all feels so very overwhelming. I admit to turning the news off. I know that's not a permanent solution, but it is sometimes the best way to carry on in the moment.