Wednesday, December 11, 2013

corner to corner

In 2009, the Corner View blogging group was started by Jane in Spain, where bloggers from around the world post once a week on a pre-determined theme and participants get to see, through photos and words, that particular aspect of life means/looks like in each other’s country. What developed was an international group of friends.

In 2011, Joanne in Japan created a beautiful tenugui cloth, wrapped a small gift inside and sent it to Francesca in Italy with this message:

“When you get it, you 'wrap" something small in it, and send it to the next person on Corner View. Then that person can either take your something or add something small, 'wrap' it and then send to the next person on Corner View...etc etc.  People can take or give and then send it on, keeping it always 'wrapped' in the tenugui I sent you. So we would send this tenugui all around the world, as a kind of fun game of giving, receiving, sharing, and then at some point I will get it and at the 'end' of the tour you will get it!!!”

Since then, the tenugui has been traveling to many corners of the world including Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Faroe Islands, Switzerland, UK, US, Canada, Belgium, France, Basque Country and Poland. Last week I was excited to receive the package, all the way from New Zealand!
gift tags added by each recipient as the tenugui travels around the world
Thank you Karyn for the beautiful bookmarks. I love them!

This weekend I picked out a gift, wrapped it in the lovely tenugui and now will send it on its way, this time to Dorte in Spain.
At the end of it’s journey, the tenugui will return to Francesa and the collection of gift tags that have been attached and traveled many miles through the years, will return to Joanne.

I love being a part of this group of creative bloggers and it was touching to be able to thumb through this collection of gift tags and the package that has traveled such great distances.   


Alla said...

i was wondering what that was all about!!!! as I've seen it on other cornerviewers what a fantastic idea!

Francesca said...

how nice to be able to see it, as it circles around among us! many thanks for writing about it Bev!

live and learn said...

This is such a fun idea. I hope we get to see it all in the end.

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

bev! wonderful to see the tenugui parcel again. it moves me so this totem is traveling its utter best, fueled by our power.
this is the perfect antidote to what you wrote later on here, about the superficial tinsel and the myth of festive holidays.
great, he?
happy holidays, love,