Friday, April 12, 2013

the difference between a flower and a weed ...

It’s just a judgment that we make but both can be quite beautiful.

We can create a better life, a better world; we can be better people by being less judgmental, less critical, less controlling and more accepting. Do away with the “shoulds and oughts” in your life. Take those words from your vocabulary and you’re going to be amazed at the change you feel. Treat other people, and all life for that matter, the way you want to be treated, despite how they treat us in return. Be more accepting of people that may look, think or behave differently than you do. Does this mean you allow someone to use and abuse you? Absolutely not. As an adult, you get to choose who or what situation you allow into your life. Follow your heart. They’re all flowers!

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jgy said...

Yes, so true and beautifully expressed!!
Heart as a flower, as the sun, and to shed the shoulds, thank you always for your gentle yet strong and important reminders!♡