Monday, March 11, 2013

spring in your step

By winter’s end many people find themselves sagging under the weight of the season, especially those of us that don’t live in an area where we’re surrounded by snowy beauty. It’s been a long winter and for many months people have rushed from home to car, then from car to whatever their destination may be. Hunched over to protect themselves from the cold, they become isolated within themselves and think mainly of their physical discomfort and about how quickly they can find relief.

But by succumbing to the cold, curling up upon themselves and rushing to get inside, folks are likely missing out. They’re missing out on some of nature’s signals that rebirth is right around the corner!
Remember when you were a kid, how much you loved to be outside? Sure, you got cold but did that stop you from diving into all the fun that the day had to offer? Search for that child within you and step outside.  The chill is lifting so with your back straight, notice the warmth of the sun on your face. Look for the signs that we’re quickly moving into a time of re-awakening.  Nature’s coming out of her shell and so can we!


Lili said...

Hi Bev! It's so nice to see cherry blossoms even if they are a bit snow covered. Beautiful image! Oh, and yummy food and great sentiments in your previous post too.

simply bev said...

Thank you Lili! We're very happy to see Spring peeking out here and welcome the warmer weather!